Dear Families,

This week we have our parent-teacher conferences. If you are attending your conference in person, please remember to bring photo identification to present at our security desk. Please arrive 10 minutes early for your scheduled meeting time to allow for parking and check in procedures. Please note that some of the parking spots in the main parking lot are reserved for our town Senior Center.

Here are a few reminders for this week:

  • Thursday and Friday are 2 hour delayed opening days for all grades including preschool.  Doors open at 10:15am for arrival and our instructional day begins at 10:30am.  The Dismissal Manager cut off time is 1:00pm.
  • Monday, November 7 is an early dismissal (12:35pm) for all grades including preschool.  The Dismissal Manager cut off time is 10:00am on early dismissal days.  On early dismissal days, all cars enter the main entrance pick up area including preschool. We anticipate a high volume of cars so please plan for the car line to take longer on these days. Walkers on early dismissal days will only be dismissed out of the library doors in our courtyard where our main playground is located. 
  • Tuesday, November 8 is a professional development day for teachers. School is not in session for students.
  • Lunch is a part of our school day on all delayed opening and early dismissal days. Students can bring lunch or you can order on Nutrislice.
  • Bus route drop off and pick up times are adjusted based on the school schedule. For example, on a 2 hour delayed opening, bus routes are adjusted two hours.  If your regular day pick up time is 8:00am, your bus pick up time would be 10:00am on a delayed opening.

Our goal is to have 100% family participation in our conferences. If you have not scheduled your conference, please refer to the email from your child’s teacher for information about how to schedule a meeting.

Laura Kaddis