1. The District has made a significant investment in technology hardware and software to provide teachers with the essential resources to enhance face-to-face, Hybrid and Distance Learning.  
  2. All of the new hardware and software was selected with the goal of it being used in whichever scenario is deemed appropriate for the reopening of school.  Therefore, resources were identified based on the need to be flexible and adaptable if we need to shift between various scenarios due to health conditions.
  3. WPS has established a teacher technology toolkit; comprised of essential hardware and software tools to facilitate blended and remote learning.  The toolkit consists of a District-issued laptop, portable document camera, iPad, a Zoom Pro account, as well as other online software subscriptions that can be used in any environment. 
  4. Collectively, these resources will be used to increase the quality of learning, student engagement, student-student interaction, and student-teacher interaction.
  5. Additional enhancements to Distance Learning include:
    1. Increasing the amount of live instruction across grades K-12 based on feedback from our parent survey.
    2. Streamlining the number of electronic platforms teachers use to communicate with students and families.
    3. Providing all students with one-to-one devices in grades K-8, while giving the option for students in grades 9-12 to take home a device if they do not have a personal device.