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Hurlbutt Elementary School Visual Art

The Hurlbutt Elementary Visual Art Program enables students to express their creativity, originality, and develops problem solving skills, essential to their educational experience. Students learn how to utilize various art materials and mediums to challenge and encourage their expressive ideas.

In grades K-2, Hurlbutt Elementary Students:

Experiment with art materials and techniques while learning about and using art tools in a safe, responsible manner.

Introduction to the elements of art: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, and Form.

Students have fun learning about different artistic styles, artists, and cultures.

Students are introduced to composition creating a variety of 2 dimensional art techniques including; collage, mixed media, perspective and fiber art.

Students are introduced to painting using watercolor techniques, tempera painting including color theory, mixing and creating texture.

Explore Form by creating sculpture using clay, paper, wood, and materials.

Through exploration, discovery and creativity students will understand the terminology of a still-life, portrait, landscape, and sculpture.

Students have the opportunity to be creative and unique in order to communicate their own original ideas.

HES Visual Art Faculty

Linda Kanuch

HES Distance Learning Gallery 2020

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