Class Dues

Dues are $40 per year and will be used to cover the cost of class activities and graduation expenses.  You can pay for class dues online or by check.

To pay the dues online:

  1. Go to and log in,
  2. Click on the School Store tab,
  3. Click on Categories,
  4. Click on High School Class Dues,
  • If your student is a Senior, click on Class of 2022
  • If your student is a Junior, click on Class of 2023
  • If your student is a Sophomore, click on Class of 2024
  • If your student is a Freshman, click on Class of 2025
  1. Select student name and click Add to Basket.
  2. If you want to pay dues for multiple years at one time change the quantity (1 = $40, 2 = $80, 3 = $120, 4 = $160) prior to clicking Add to Basket – DO NOT pay in another class year since each class has their own account,
  3. Check out and pay. 

To pay the dues by check:

  1. Make check payable to Weston High School,
  2. Write student name and Class of XXXX in the memo line on the check,
  3. Mail check to Weston High School, Attn: Class of XXXX, 115 School Road, Weston, CT 06883, or
  4. Place check in a sealed envelope and write Class of XXXX on the outside of the envelope. Have your student bring the envelope to the WHS Main Office and leave it in the CLASS DUES bin on the wall.

If you have any questions about class dues, please email the class advisors directly.  Below is the list of advisors by grade.

SENIORS – Class of 2022 Advisors

Diana Michelangelo [email protected]
Kara Swezey [email protected]

JUNIORS – Class of 2023 Advisors

Janine Russo [email protected]
Meg Sullivan [email protected]

SOPHOMORES – Class of 2024 Advisors

Arielle Luksberg [email protected]
Lauren Mattera Arcamone [email protected]

FRESHMAN – Class of 2025

Mary Faith Blank [email protected]
Michael Chappa [email protected]