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Health Services

Welcome to the Health Services information section for the Weston Public School district. We are committed to keeping your children healthy and happy.


Contagious Illness


Contagious Illness

Flu season is upon us and we would like to remind you that a healthy diet, plenty of rest and practicing good hygiene is one way to keep your child healthy and in school.

Please keep your child home if running a temperature of 100.5 or higher, is coughing excessively, has significant nasal discharge or has vomited or had diarrhea during the night.

We continue to encourage good hand washing, coughing in the crook of your elbow and have also strategically placed Purell dispensers throughout our schools.

It is a fact that when a student doesn’t feel well they do not perform well in school. Keeping your child home when they are ill will ensure a faster recovery for your child and also help us reduce the spread of germs in our schools.

It is a CDC recommendation that the flu vaccine be administered to anyone over the age of 6 months.

Additional Info

The following links have frequent Q & A that parents may have on Ebola, the seasonal flu and enterovirus D68.  Feel free to call your child’s school nurse with any additional questions/comments you may have.



Head Lice

Head Lice Update

Weston Public Schools relies on current standards of public health, scientific research and evidenced-based practices to guide its practices related to communicable health.  Current public health standards and recommendations indicate that effective control of head lice requires routine screenings and management at home as key factors.

Head lice do not cause disease and when first identified on a head, have usually been a resident there for a few weeks.  They are very annoying, an inconvenience and can sometimes be difficult to get rid of, but they are not dangerous or a health threat.  Head lice are usually well-controlled when managed through mechanical or chemical means, or a combination of both, and appropriate house-keeping techniques to eliminate re-infestation.  (See websites below)  Please contact your child’s healthcare provider for his/her recommendations.

In keeping with current standards and research, mass screenings for head lice are no longer conducted in our schools.  Rather, our emphasis is on prevention through parental education and home/school communication and collaboration.  Not only are mass screenings ineffective, but they cause students to lose significant instructional time and often result in misdiagnosed cases and lead to considerable stigma for children who are sent home in the middle of the day.

Please remember that rapid communication with the school nurse is the most critical element to prevent the spread of head lice at school, at sleepovers and at other community events.  Therefore, should your child be found to have head lice, please inform your school nurse.  The information you provide is confidential and names of affected students are never shared with other families.  Your nurse will send out a letter to the classroom when she does find an active case of head lice on a student.

WPS Head Lice Letter : https://docs.google.com/document/d/18XX2XCFO1tbotylhe7-WdNNIUxD31fHv/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=105161935891811360335&rtpof=true&sd=true


Additional Info

If you have any further questions, please call your child’s school nurse.  For more information on Head lice, click on the following links.

CDC Guide for Treatment:

How to Check for Lice:

CDC General Lice Information /  FAQs:

CDC Prevention Control:


Integrated Pest Management

Message from Superintendent of Schools

September 16, 2008

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Weston Public School District, in conjunction with the Weston Parks & Recreation Department, uses an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach for managing insects, rodents and weeds. Our goal is to protect every student from pesticide exposure by using an IPM approach to pest management. Our IPM approach focuses on making the school building and grounds an unfavorable habitat for these pests by removing food and water sources and eliminating their hiding and breeding places. We accomplish this through routine cleaning and maintenance. We routinely monitor the school building and grounds to detect any pests that are present. The pest monitoring team consists of our building custodians, office, and teaching staff and includes our students. Pest sightings are reported to our IPM coordinator who evaluates the "pest problem" and determines the appropriate pest management techniques to address the problem. The techniques can include increased sanitation, modifying storage practices, sealing entry points, physically removing the pest, etc.

From time to time, it may be necessary to use pesticides registered by the Environmental Protection Agency to manage a pest problem. A pesticide will only be used when necessary, and will not be routinely applied. When a pesticide is necessary, the school will try to use the least toxic product that is effective. Applications will be made only when unauthorized persons do not have access to the area(s) being treated. Notices will be posted in these areas 72 hours prior to application and for two days following the application.

Parents or guardians of students enrolled in the school may request prior notification of specific pesticide applications made at the school. To receive notification, you must be placed on the school's notification registry. If you would like to be placed on this registry, please notify the Superintendent's office in writing. Please include your e-mail address, if you would like to be notified electronically.

If a pesticide application must be made to control an emergency pest problem, notice will be provided by telephone to any parent or guardian who has requested such notification in writing. Exemptions to this notification include disinfectants and antimicrobial products; self-containerized baits placed in areas not accessible to students, and gel type baits placed in cracks, crevices or voids; and swimming pool maintenance chemicals.

Each year the district will prepare a new notification registry.

If you have any questions, please contact Daniel Clarke, IPM Coordinator and Director of School Facilities.


Jerome R. Belair
Superintendent of Schools

Health Services

Welcome to the Health Services information section for the Weston Public School district. We are committed to keeping your children healthy and happy.

Student & Family Responsibilities:


Each school will need to institute new systems for reporting illnesses.  In order to obtain important medical information, the process for reporting illnesses has been updated for the school year. In order to report an absence, parents/family will call the school’s absence line. In reporting an absence, parents/family will need to provide the following information in their voice message:

  • Child’s name
  • Child’s classroom cohort teacher
  • Child’s bus number (if applicable)
  • Any specific symptoms the child is experiencing
  • Any additional school programs the child has participated in
  • If the child is experiencing symptoms that are consistent with COVID, parents/family will need to provide the date of the child’s doctor appointment as well as the anticipated timeline for receiving test results.


In addition to leaving a voice message, parents/family of a child who has been diagnosed with COVID must also contact their child’s school nurse directly.

Student & Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:  

  1. Stay home if you feel ill. Morning health checks with your family are required.  Temperatures below 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit are a must, as well as no symptoms associated with COVID-19 or the Flu. Families are required to advise the school nurse of the reason for a student being held home for illness. Privacy will be protected.
  2. Students with temperatures or other evidence of not feeling well will be separated and then sent home.  Return will be allowed only after testing shows the student is negative for COVID-19 or other illnesses, such as the Flu.
  3. Parents and other visitors to the school will not be allowed through at least January 2021.  The exception will be for medical or emergency situations, including parents coming to the schools to pick up an ill child.  Parent and other meetings and visitations will be conducted virtually, unless an exception is granted by the building principal.
  4. Face covering or masks are required.  They must completely cover the nose and mouth while inside the school and on the bus. (Exceptions will be made for students with documented medical conditions.)  Parents will be responsible for providing students with face coverings or masks.  (The district will have disposable masks for students to use on a one-time basis.) 
  5. Social distancing will be required.  We will strive for six feet, with four feet as the minimum. Classrooms have been organized to have students four to six feet apart with seats and desks forward-facing in rows (students have to respect a big change for classrooms in Weston).  Social distancing will be required around and in school at all times.  Food, school supplies and materials may not be shared.
  6. Frequent hand washing or hand sanitizing will be required--upon arrival at school, before and after meals, after restroom use, and after coughing or sneezing.
  7. Transportation is a part of the solution.  Students must ride the same bus to and from schools, and have face coverings before and during the full bus ride.  Parents are encouraged to drive their children to school each day (while this will result in longer lines of cars, it will be a boost to everyone’s health). 
  8. Per CT Executive Order 7BBB, individuals returning to Connecticut from specific states are required to self-quarantine for 14 days. The list of these states may be found at the following link: https://portal.ct.gov/Coronavirus/Covid-19-Knowledge-Base/Travel-In-orOut-of-CTIf students or family members visit states on the Governor's quarantine list, they are required to stay home until they have personally verified they have met the 14 day requirement. Medical notes are not required. Families are required to advise the school nurse if a student is home for self-quarantine. Privacy will be protected. During any quarantine, students may participate in school via Distance Learning, as coordinated with the respective school principal.