College & Career Center (CCC)

Welcome to the College and Career Center (CCC), your access to an active resource center that works with Guidance to assist students and parents with their post high school plans.

We encourage you to take advantage of our up-to-date library and knowledgeable staff.  Our library contains current comprehensive information on colleges, universities, art, music, culinary schools,military, and various other post graduate programs and opportunities.  We invite parents and students to make an individual appointment to either begin or continue this process.

Fall is a very active time in the CCC.  We host over 200 College Admission Representatives, who visit and provide valuable information and are usually the first readers of the student’s application.  These sessions are open to all juniors and seniors and must be signed up for on Naviance.  The list of all visiting colleges in on Naviance, as well as on some of the bulletin boards in the school.

During the Fall, Winter, and Spring we are very busy working with juniors and/or parents to personalize college searches and planning their visitation trips.
In the Spring we are a resource to seniors in their college decision making process.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email Randi Green for further information at 


A sampling of other information available in the CCC:

  • Computer college search program – Naviance
  • College information which includes catalogues, view books, guides and interview sheets for all the colleges that have visited WHS.
  • Testing information
  • The Statistical Report for each graduating WHS class (GPA, test scores, intended majors, etc.)
  • Books to assist in writing college essays and resumes
  • Guide books and information for students with learning differences
  • Contact information from the college representatives who have visited our school
  • “Friends on Campus”- a listing of colleges and universities recent WHS graduates are now attending
  • Scholarship and Financial Aid information and guides
  • Summer Opportunities
  • Community Service Opportunities
  • Maps pinpointing college locations to aid in planning college visits
  • Vocational and Technical Schools
  • Military schools and careers
  • 13th year/gap year – taking a year off information
  • Job Bank Bulletin Board – a posting of various jobs
  • Athletic Recruiting information

Friends on Campus

The CCC maintains a list of colleges Weston High School alumni are attending. This list is available to Weston High School students so that they may contact these alumni for information about their college experience.

The WHS Statistical Report

Many colleges do not publish the average GPA of admitted students, but when they evaluate an applicant, it is a very important criterion. The CCC maintains the “WHS Statistical Report”, which includes information about schools applied to; if admitted, deferred, or denied, GPA and test results for every graduating class. This will enable you to assess your chances of admission based on previous WHS students’ profiles. 


GAP Year/Bridge Year 

P.G./Post Grad/13th Year  


List of Gap Year Programs

A Gap Year is the period of time between high school graduation and college. There are two ways to approach a Gap Year!

  1. In Senior year, apply and get admitted to college and then ask to be deferred (Always check with the college to make sure they offer deferment).
  2. For Seniors who are not ready to apply to college and would benefit from a year of growth and development, a Gap Year program gives them an extra year before applying to college.

Please note: These Gap Year programs do not increase the academic achievement of the student’s high school transcript.

Many organizations exist to provide students with the opportunity for independence and self exploration. There are boundless opportunities to work, study, volunteer, and travel all over the globe.

A Gap Year can include participation in an organized program, internships, working in a field of interest, cultural immersion, community service, academic areas, music, art, theater, conservation, social issues, adventure, sailing and outdoor programs.

There are a variety of Gap Year Opportunities such as:

Travel                          Internships

Volunteer                    Study abroad

Work                           Sailing

Adventures                  Conservation


Below is a sampling of programs offering formal Gap Year programs*:

Americorps                             Aspire

Carpe Diem                             CIEE

City Year                                 Dynamy

Global Routes                         Leap Now

Where there be Dragons          NOLS

Outward Bound                     Sea/Mester

Rustic Pathways                      Brown Ledge

* this is just a partial list for more suggestions check the list that follows, or come into the CCC for information.

(These are not WHS endorsed).

A “P.G.” (Post Graduate) Year is technically a 13th year of high school.

Many boarding schools offer a program specifically designed for a 13th year of academic study. Students can use this year to develop classroom maturity and improve their GPA. This year can help a student regroup and focus his/her direction. This year can be a helpful transition between home and college.



Each year about 200 college admissions reps visit WHS in order to share information about their institutions with juniors and seniors. Please visit Naviance for the most up-to-date schedule of visits.
You may miss class to attend these visits, but we have new steps in place to ensure there are no attendance issues. Reps will begin visiting WHS on Sept. 9, and I want to remind you about the new procedure to sign up and attend.
  • All students must sign up electronically in Naviance at least 24 hours before the scheduled visit. If you sign up but can no longer attend, please cancel your registration so we can plan accordingly.
  • Any student who will be missing a class must get their teacher’s permission at least 24 hours before the visit, have their teacher sign a College Rep Visit Pass (do not wait until the day of the visit to get their signature) and bring this pass to the visit. Students who have a class that period and arrive without a pass will be sent back to class. 
  • Passes are available in the School Counseling Office and students are encouraged to pick up a bunch of blank ones at the start of the school year to have on hand when they ask their teacher’s permission.
  • Students who have a free period do not need a pass.
  • This year, rep visits will be 30 minutes long and will take place during either the first or second half of a class period. Students attending visits during the first half of a class period will return to class when the visit is over and students attending visits during the second half of a period must go to the first half of their class.
College rep visits are a great way to learn more about a college, meet the admissions rep who will most likely be reading your application and demonstrate interest in an institution. We hope you will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

New Information & Trends for Colleges

New Information and Trends Gathered from Visits in the CCC

Get insights on:

  • Undergrad Enrollment Numbers
  • GPA Ranges
  • Campus Settings
  • Popular majors
  • Best known or most popular majors
  • New/unique majors or programs
  • Recent Changes
  • Athletics
  • Overlaps Schools
  • Additional Information

The colleges in this list are organized alphabetically, use the tabs to find the college you’d like more information on.