School Counseling Department

The mission of the Weston High School Counseling Department is to provide our students academic guidance, career and college advisement and personal support.  To help achieve this mission, an extensive curriculum outline has been established to provide a framework within which the members of the department will work on behalf of students.   As unique issues arise, students and parents should expect that additional school and community resources would be provided to insure that all students are able to obtain their full academic and personal potential.


Counseling Department

Counselors coordinate the school counseling program and involve all staff members in designing and implementing plans to meet three major goals:

  • Educational Development
  • Personal/Social Development
  • Career Development and College readiness


Upon entering Weston High School, a student is assigned to a school counselor who becomes the first source of help in planning courses, researching post-secondary options of college or a future profession, and in just listening to whatever one might wish to discuss.  The counselor is the student’s personal advocate and advisor.

The Weston High School Counseling Program is comprehensive and developmental in its design to meet the personal, academic and vocational counseling needs of all students.  Seminar groups provide the means to address students’ issues including orientation to the high school, academic awareness, self awareness, substance abuse, career exploration, decision-making for post high school plans and the mechanics of college and job searches.

Students are required to attend Freshman Orientation, Sophomore Seminar and College and Future Planning Seminar.  Personal interests and career and self-awareness exploration activities will be specifically addressed during the group activities in the freshman and sophomore years.  Specific career and/or college related planning is provided through intensive group, individual and family counseling activities during the junior and senior years.

On-going personal counseling for students is available for students in need.  The overall aim is to help students move through high school with proper assistance and support in order to achieve greater success in the fulfillment of their high school goals and post high school plans.

NCAA Eligibily

Click on the link below for detailed instructions on how to become eligible for NCAA Collegiate Sports.  Please see Mrs. Starzyk, in the school counseling office, with any additional questions regarding this process.   

NCAA Instructional Video

All students interested in playing sports in college should begin the eligibility process by the spring of their Junior Year.  Registration for eligibility can be found on the NCAA Website,



 The WHS Internship Program is an opportunity for qualified seniors to explore an area of interest and gain work experience outside of the school setting. For the last 4-5 weeks of their senior year, students will leave the school campus to work at approved sites and build upon skills necessary for their preferred field of work. Through this program our seniors develop communication skills, appropriate work attitude, technology skills, and good work habits that will serve them well for life beyond WHS. Although students will not be attending classes, all participants are still able to attend all senior activities, including the Senior Class Trip and the Awards Assembly.

What students need to know before they sign up:

  • Students need to have good academic, attendance, and behavior standing prior to starting the internship program
  • Students are required to work 30 hours per week at the site, in lieu of coming to school.
  • Daily journals are to be submitted weekly to faculty mentor
  • Time sheets are to be submitted weekly to faculty mentor
  • Personal reflections are to be submitted prior to internship and then after internship

*If you are interested in this program please talk to your school counselor for more information

We Need Your Help!

We are in the process of building our network of businesses and organizations for the Senior Internship Program and are asking parents and the community for interested sites and supervisors. The requirements from a site supervisor would be to provide the senior with a 30 hour work week for the last 4-5 weeks of their senior year (mid May to mid June). The supervisor would be asked to complete an evaluation of the student and allow a site visit by WHS faculty.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about this exciting program and perhaps volunteer to be a site supervisor for our Senior Internship Program please call the WHS Counseling Office at 203-221-6509.