Student Support Services

School Counseling, psychological and health services are available for every student in the high school and are accessed directly through the nurse or guidance counselor. Scroll for more detail information below. 

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Center for Academic Support and Enhancement – CASE

CASE is a transitional and support program for non-IEP students who are in need of assistance beyond the traditional classroom. Referrals to this program may be made by students, parents, or teachers to their guidance counselors for consideration. CASE  contains a variety of components including goal setting, community service, career planning, and problem solving in order to meet the needs of each individual student and to assist in achieving academic success. Minimum commitment is one semester. Entrance to this program is limited and requires a contract signed by student and parent. The program is most appropriate for grade nine and ten students. Upperclassmen may be admitted under special circumstances.

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For more information contact your guidance counselor in the School Counseling Department



The school nurses’ role is to promote the physical and mental health and well-being of all students within the school setting including the following:

  • Provide nursing assessments and interventions for students.
  • Provide health and development screenings.
  • Identify students with existing and potential health problems including those who are not accessing primary health care services outside of school.
  • Refer identified students and their families to appropriate sources of health and social services within the school and community.
  • Act as a case manager for students with special health care needs.
  • Advocate for students and families with the school and community setting.
  • To promote collaboration and communication among families, school personnel and health care providers with the community, including school based centers.


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Speech/Language Services

Students with communication problems may receive assistance from the Speech/Language Pathologist in the area(s) of:

  • Articulation
  • Syntax and vocabulary usage
  • Dysfluent speech
  • Faulty voice condition
  • Language problems associated with a hearing loss
  • Receptive and expressive language

Services are provided on an individual or small group basis. An Individual Education Program (IEP) targets specific goals within a time frame.

Psychological Services

Weston High School psychology services include:

  • Student self-referral, parent, teacher, or guidance referral for assistance with a personal or educational problem interfering with school performance.
  • Psychological testing to assist the student, parents, and Planning and Placement Team in appropriate program planning and to determine the need for special education intervention.
  • Individual and small group counseling on specific issues of a personal or academic nature.
  • Consultation to staff and parents on student management strategies and expectations for students.
  • Acting as liaison with other services provided in issues related to the student’s school program.

Homebound Instruction

Homebound or hospitalized instruction shall be provided when a student’s condition will cause an absence of at least three weeks duration. A physician’s note with specific detail of length of anticipated absence is required in order to initiate this process. Provided nothing in the student’s condition precludes it, such instruction shall begin no later than two weeks from the first day of absence. Instruction shall be provided for up to two hours per day or ten hours per week for high school student. Where medical and other evaluative data indicate that these time requirements are too great for the student, revisions may be made. The student’s guidance counselor should be contacted by a parent if homebound procedures need to be initiated. The school nurse is also part this team.


Special Education Programs

The Weston High School Special Education Department is designed to teach learning strategies to students who require specialized instruction.  The department offers classes that support mainstream academics, as well as specialized classes in the areas of math, reading, language arts, and community. 

Individualized instruction for students with specific academic and/or social/emotional needs is provided with the context of special academic courses or support services. Depending on the nature and severity of the student’s problem, Weston High School’s Planning and Placement Team (administrator, teachers, guidance, school psychologist, parents, and student) recommends the special education courses required for the student to perform successfully at Weston High School. Decisions are based on the results of psycho-educational testing, class performance, observations of behavior, and consultation with mainstream teachers.  IEP’s address specific academic, behavioral, and transition goals.


  • Learning Strategies 9
  • Learning Strategies 10
  • Academic Support 11/12
  • Direct Instruction Reading
  • Direct Instruction Math
  • Direct Instruction Language Arts
  • Community

Special Education Staff

  • Michael Maffucci – Department Chair
  • Tom Curley
  • Tom Ehret
  • Tara Jugler
  • Deanna LaMarco
  • Nicole Pigeon
  • Doug Pregman
  • Meg Prezzano
  • Jane Rackliffe
  • Mary Ann Vorvis
  • Sejal Patel-Rice – Speech Pathologist 

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For more information contact your guidance counselor in the School Counseling Department