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General Info

Weston Middle School (WMS)

Find information on important communication methods and basic information for WMS.


Principal’s Message

Principal's Welcome Message

Weston Middle Principal
Daniel Doak

Assistant Principal's Message

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents:

I am thrilled to serve as the Weston Middle School Assistant Principal.   At WMS, our students are properly prepared to be 21st Century thinkers using critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication to develop their decision-making and problem solving skills. The middle school’s diverse educational programs and co-curricular activities allow students to explore their interests and have new experiences out of their comfort zone. Using inquiry-based learning and rigorous content, our educators challenge all students to explore real-world problems and engage in meaningful learning.

The teachers and administrative team hold the highest standards for all students at WMS. High expectations for student respect, responsibility, and integrity help create a positive learning environment where all students feel enthusiastic about their school experiences. It is our goal that each child will reach their greatest potential both academically and behaviorally, along with being fully prepared for success in college and in their career.

The collaboration with the staff, students, families, and community members at Weston Middle School creates a culture that promotes the philosophy of life-long learning. It is my belief that this is the type of culture where all members of our school community can thrive.

As a member of your school community, I am excited to support your families in preparing our students at WMS for success. My office door is always open. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.

Dru A. Walters
Weston Middle School

Assistant Principal

School Mission Statement

Weston Middle School, in partnership with the community strives to empower students to become successful through dynamic, differentiated, and authentic learning experiences, while supporting their transition from childhood to adolescence.

School Goals

Our principal goal at Weston Middle School is stated in our mission. In partnership with the community our staff strives to empower students to become successful through dynamic, differentiated and authentic learning experiences, while supporting their transition from childhood to adolescence.

Our curriculum and instruction intertwine concepts, content, and skills to engage students providing them with opportunities to develop and demonstrate their proficiency in the following district foundational, academic, personal, and social competencies.


Main Office & Staff Info

The main office at Weston High School houses the office of Lisa Wolak, Principal, and Matthew Filip and Juliane Givoni, Assistant Principals. The administrative support staff are Mrs. Jodi Sacchetta, Assistant to the Principal, and another Main Office Secretary. Our large administrative conference room, teacher mailroom, and two small conference/in-house suspension rooms are also located in the main office.

To Report a Student’s Absence – (203) 221-6501
Please notify the school between 7:30 – 8:30 a.m.

Office Staff

Administrative Assistant to the Principal
Jodi Sacchetta
– (203) 221-6503

Main Office Secretary
– (203) 221-6500

Security & Parking


Our security office, located in the lobby, is the first stop to check-in for all visitors.  Our Security Officers are Tom Andreacchio and Phyllis (PJ) Mickle. 

When visiting WHS please remember to bring your driver’s license for identification.  Security will scan your ID and issue you a visitor badge, which must always be worn when in the building. 


When attending meetings or visiting WHS please park in visitor spaces; along School Road across from the WHS main entrance, or along the WIS access road on the side next to Stadium Field.  There is no visitor parking in any lot.  All parking spaces are numbered and have been assigned to students and staff members.  An empty parking space does not mean it’s available.

Medical Staff

The school nurse at Weston High School is available to provide emergency care for students in case of accidents or sudden illnesses. The school nurse is also available to counsel students, their parents, and faculty on health matters. Before admission to Weston Schools, all new entrants are required by State law to show proof of immunization against Polio (IPV – 3 doses), diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus (DPT – 4 doses), Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR), proof of immunity to varicella (chickenpox), Hepatitis B vaccine (3 doses), a tuberculosis skin test, and a physical examination by a licensed physician. Complete physical examinations are required for all new students and incoming ninth graders. The school nurse should be kept updated on any changes of a student’s medical condition or medication that are pertinent to a student’s full and safe participation in school.  If medication is to be given in school an authorization form for the administration of medication is needed and must be signed by the physician and parent/guardian.  Students who are exempt from having a physical examination because of their medical/religious beliefs must present this documented information to the school heath office.

Sheryl Zulkeski  (203) 221-6500

Maintenance Staff

  • Kevin Drotos
  • Jimmy Impy
  • Jeff Palmiero

WMS Handbooks

This section contains the Weston Middle School Community Handbook for students, parents and staff.  It contains important information regarding expectations and procedures.   

WMS Student Parent Handbook


Student Expectations

The Weston Public Schools Pre-K-12 Learning Expectations

By successfully meeting the Weston Public Schools’ graduation requirements, students will demonstrate proficiency in the following foundational, academic, personal and social competencies:

•    Visual, Verbal, Oral and Written Language
Comprehension and analysis of visual, verbal, aural and written language necessary for adult learning.

•    Communication Through the Written Word
Clear and effective communication through the written word.

•    Presentation Skills
Preparation and delivery of clear and effective presentations to a variety of audiences.

•    Quantitative Problem Solving
The ability to use quantitative methods for problem solving.

•    Critical and Creative Thinking
The ability to think critically and creatively:  assess, interpret, evaluate, analyze, and synthesize information.

•    Information Literacy
The ability to research, apply knowledge and skills across disciplines and synthesize information in order to solve authentic problems.

•    Technology Skills
The ability to effectively apply technological skills to effective communications and authentic problem solving.

•    Integrity in Identity and Community
The development of a commitment to act cooperatively, responsibly, and with civility and integrity.

•    Health and Well Being
The ability to make positive decisions related to physical and emotional wellness.