September 3, 2021

Dear families of new students,

I hope that your children had a wonderful first week at Weston High School! I am so happy to see these halls once again filled with the energy and enthusiasm students bring with them every day. Whether your child is transitioning to 9th grade from Weston’s middle school or is new to our school district entirely, they may find these first few weeks quite challenging. Navigating a new building, a rotating schedule, different technology platforms, and an ever-evolving social scene, all while still grappling with the restrictions the pandemic presents, can leave students feeling stressed. Stress is a normal part of this kind of transition, and healthy levels of stress* present opportunities for us to teach students about how to prepare and anticipate.

To that end, I will be sending you a series of weekly messages – Tips for New Families – aimed at helping you to support your students as they navigate their transition to Weston High School. Some of these may seem simple or obvious, but, for some students, may make a world of difference.

The topic for this week is technology. Weston High School is a BYOD (bring your own device) school. Students are expected to come to school each day with a device of choice for use in supporting their learning. Frustrations can arise when students find that their devices are not prepared for their learning needs. Here’s where you can help:

Ensure your student arrives to school each day with their device fully charged; they should bring their charger as well.

Our go-to educational programs function best in the Google Chrome browser. Ensure your student’s device has
Chrome set as the default browser and your student signs into Chrome using their westonps credentials.

Technology issues related to school systems (not individual devices) can be reported to our IT Help Desk
( for support.

Our WHS IT specialist, Mr. Cavallo, will be available in the Library Learning Commons during all three lunch waves next week (9/8-9/10) for drop-in support. Students with questions should plan to see him for help during lunch on one of those days.

I’m wishing you and yours a restful weekend.
Juliane Givoni
Interim Principal