Dear Weston Families and Staff:

It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to you this evening.  The tragedy that occurred in Texas is all over our news and social media heightening emotions and fears. It is painfully reminiscent of Sandy Hook.

The safety and well-being of Weston’s students is the district’s highest priority.   Weston Public Schools Staff will be available to support them as they try to cope with this devastating tragedy.  Teachers, school counselors, social workers and psychologists, support staff and school and district administrators care deeply about Weston’s children.

In moments like these, it is understandable that people would question what resources our schools have to keep our students and staff safe. We are fortunate to have a strong partnership with the Weston Police Department under the direction of Chief Henion.  The district has two school resource officers as well as a police officer who patrols the campus during school hours. Six security guards, the majority of whom are former police officers, are stationed in our schools.   We work closely with the police practicing drills continuously throughout the school year.  This afternoon Chief Henion and I spoke and tomorrow morning our Director of Finance and Operations, Director of Facilities and I will meet with Chief Henion and Captain Brodacki to review our safety protocols.

Weston has always been supportive of one another and I ask that we draw from this collective strength in the upcoming days. As a mother and grandmother, my heart aches for the families in Texas. Please know that I take my responsibility to our children, families and staff very seriously.


Lisa Wolak

Superintendent of Schools