Dear Weston High School Grade 9 Students and Families,

I want to officially welcome you to Weston High School…Go Trojans! I’m so excited to be starting this new chapter with you! You are joining a community of learners, thinkers and doers. As you continue with your education in Weston this last stop on your journey will certainly prove to be a dynamic opportunity for you to grow as a collaborator, communicator and creator. I implore you to take advantage of every opportunity that may present itself, sometimes all you may need to do is say yes, I’ll try it! 

As you embark on this next adventure I want to introduce you to what it means to be a True Trojan. We at WHS will expect you to Team Up With Your School, Respect One Another, Own Your Actions, Join Your Community, Act With Integrity and Notice the World Around You. These principles are the foundation of our daily interactions with each other. There is no doubt that aspects of high school will be challenging. Your commitment to these core principles will help you to persevere during challenging times and allow all of us to really enjoy all that WHS has to offer. 

As you begin your studies at Weston High School you will also be introduced to our Portrait of the Graduate work sometime in the 2nd semester of 9th grade. This will culminate in a portfolio review in your senior year. This is an opportunity for you to showcase the growth and development of your ideas and independent thoughts throughout your time here at WHS. More to come on this process through our Advisory Program and we will be here to help and guide you along the way. 

Freshman Orientation: We will welcome you to WHS on Monday, August 29th from 1pm to 3pm. Students will get an overview of the high school starting in the auditorium. They will also have an opportunity to tour the building using their schedule and receive a WHS planner.

Student Schedules: Student schedules will be accessible through PowerSchool in the week prior to the start of school. You will receive a message from us in the coming weeks notifying you of the specific date you will be able to view your schedule.

PowerSchool: WHS uses PowerSchool as a tool to view your grades, assignments and absences. We strongly recommend that you make a plan at home to determine how you will utilize PowerSchool as a family. As the school year begins we recommend that families check PowerSchool together once weekly to check on your child’s progress and make any plans for work completion or studying if necessary. As the year progresses you may realize you need to check PowerSchool less frequently as you adjust to the work and expectations at WHS.

School Website: We will continue to refine what you see on the website so that it can be the best tool for you to know what is happening at WHS. Resources such as our Student Handbook, Program of Studies and helpful links can be found on the website. We suggest that you head there first when you have questions about the goings on at WHS.

First Day of School: Our first day of school is Tuesday, August 30th. 9th graders will begin their day in the auditorium with a class meeting at 7:45am. We do suggest that students have their schedule printed out from PowerSchool for the first week. It may make things a little less stressful to have it on hand. 

Social Media: Please take a moment to follow us on social media.  Twitter: @WestonHS_CT    Instagram: @weston_high_school_ct

Athletics: Fall student athletes should already be aware of the process for athletics registration and the requirements to play at WHS. Please see the video Mr. Berkowitz sent in June HERE. If you are interested in a fall sport you should be registering this summer. Mr. Berkowitz and Mrs. Egan have created helpful links on the Athletics website. Please click the link HERE to find information and directions for fall sports registration. Remember to get those physical forms in as well!

Attendance: We prioritize class attendance and we know how important regular and dedicated attendance is to student success. Please familiarize yourself with our attendance policy. Try your best to schedule appointments outside of the school hours. Having two children myself I know how difficult this can be, however I’ve found that making the schedule now can ensure appointment times outside of school hours.

Arrival & Dismissal: As we begin another school year please be mindful of using the crosswalks and sidewalks as you enter and exit the building. Please also be aware as we have new drivers on campus and please use caution.

Bring Your Own Device  (BYOD): WHS is a bring-your-own device school. This means that families purchase technology for your child. We know that a laptop is the best device to use in a high school setting, the choice of which one to purchase is a family decision. Please be sure that your device is charged each day. We will have a technology assistant available in the first days of school to be sure students can get connected to the network.

Clubs & Activities: We will be hosting a Club Fair in September. Keep an eye on your student email for more information. There are so many opportunities to get involved you may have a hard time choosing!

On Friday, September 2nd we will hold the Trojan Kickoff. We will remind you of this at the start of the year. This is a good time to wear your class shirts. Be prepared to wear your Blue & Gold that day to show your school spirit! 

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you at orientation and during the opening days of high school. Remember, every high school graduate you talk to will tell you it goes by in a flash. Try not to get caught up in what others are doing, stay true to yourself and be curious throughout your time at WHS. I assure you that in the end what matters most is making healthy decisions that lead to your own happiness! See you soon!

Kindly,  Ms. Ward


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