Dear Weston High School 10th – 12th Grade Students & Families,

I am so thrilled to be here and have had such a busy month getting the lay of the land and meeting all of the wonderful people who contribute to the success of students at Weston High School. The warm welcome I have received is such a positive reflection of all this community has to offer and the value Weston places on the high school experience. Weston has maintained a tradition of excellence throughout its history. As a graduate of a rival SWC high school I know well the reputation of WHS and will endeavor to do all that I can to maintain traditions while propelling us into the future and becoming better than ever.

As we embark on a new school year it is important for all of us to remember what it means to be a True Trojan. We at WHS will expect you to Team Up With Your School, Respect One Another, Own Your Actions, Join Your Community, Act With Integrity and Notice the World Around You. These principles are the foundation of our daily interactions with each other. There is no doubt that aspects of high school will continue to be challenging. Your commitment to these core principles will help you persevere during tough times and allow all of us to enjoy all that WHS has to offer. Thank you for your continued commitment to being a True Trojan!

Please see below for a few reminders about this coming school year:

Portrait of the Graduate: Over the last few years Weston High School faculty have spent a considerable amount of time determining what it means to be a graduate of WHS and identifying the skills and dispositions we want all students to acquire during their time here. The Portrait of the Graduate provides an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning at WHS and develop a portfolio to showcase their learning. We are so excited to support students in this endeavor and to see the many ways students choose to represent their passions and hard work over the course of their high school experience. More to come throughout the year as we support students in 10th -12th grade in selecting and showcasing their studies

Limited Open Campus: As you may know Weston High School has a limited open campus opportunity for juniors and seniors. Information and permission form can be found HERE. Any questions please contact your child’s assistant principal. 

Athletics: Fall student athletes should already be aware of the process for athletics registration and the requirements to play at WHS. If you are interested in a fall sport you should be registering this summer. Mr. Berkowitz and Mrs. Egan have created helpful links on the Athletics website. Please click the link HERE to find information and directions for fall sports registration. Remember to get those physical forms in as well!

Arrival & Dismissal: We have new drivers arriving on our campus every year. Students please continue to use the crosswalks and sidewalks to enter and exit the building safely. If you are a student driver please be aware of walkers, buses and rights of way. When the buses are parked out front, look for their stop signs, if the signs are out, please be patient and wait. You cannot pass a bus if their stop sign is out. We all play a role in creating a safe campus. Upon arrival you must enter through the front doors of the school and if you are running late you must check in upon arrival. 

Student Schedules: Student schedules will be accessible through PowerSchool in the week prior to the start of school. You will receive a message from us in the coming weeks notifying you of the specific date you will be able to view your schedule.

Attendance:  We prioritize class attendance and we know how important regular and dedicated attendance is to student success. Please familiarize yourself with our attendance policy. Being on time to school and classes is so important. Try your best to schedule appointments outside of the school hours. Having two children myself I know how difficult this can be, however I’ve found that making the schedule now can ensure appointment times outside of school hours.

Class Dues: Every year students are assessed $40 for class dues. This can be paid through MySchoolBucks. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation and timeliness.

Trojan Kickoff: On Friday, September 2nd we will hold the Trojan Kickoff. We will remind you of this at the start of the year. Be prepared to wear your Blue & Gold that day to show your school spirit!

I am so happy to be here and look forward to meeting each and every one of you during the opening days of school. I’m hoping you are feeling refreshed this summer and are excited to start another school year. Everyone always says high school goes by in a flash…try not to get caught up in what others are doing, stay true to yourself and be curious! I assure you that in the end what matters most is making healthy decisions that lead to your own happiness. See you soon! 

Kindly,  Ms. Ward