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Weston High School Visual Arts

Weston School District Visual Arts Philosophy:

Artistic creation and appreciation are fundamental to the human experience. Education in the visual arts fosters an integrated mode of experience, which leads to both retention and comprehension of knowledge.

Critical thinking and intuition stimulate experimentation and risk-taking, fundamental components of creativity and problem solving.

The arts are a universal human phenomenon and a valuable means of communication.  Involvement in them, both as participant and observer, promotes a deeper understanding and acceptance of the similarities and differences among races, religions and cultures.

Weston Schools is committed to providing a challenging, nurturing environment for our students.  Through the alignment of the Visual Arts Curriculum to State and National Standards, the dedication of our resources to rigorous student learning and the implementation of innovative and proven instructional strategies, the Visual Arts Program in Weston Schools fosters students mastery in the arts.

Visual Arts Curriculum Objectives:

The Weston Public Schools Visual Art curriculum strives to provide a wide range of visual arts experiences that will encourage artistic growth and appreciation of the arts as well as creative and critical thinking and analytical skills.

Components of the Curriculum:

  • Creating: conceiving and developing new artistic ideas and work
  • Presenting: interpreting, sharing, realizing and presenting artistic ideas and work
  • Responding: understanding and evaluating how the arts convey meaning.
  • Connecting: relating artistic ideas and work with personal meaning and external context.


WHS Visual Art Faculty

Gina Arena
Studio Arts, Photography

Geoffrey Brencher

Sydney Girardi
CIL, Digital Arts

Kate O’Keefe
Studio Arts, Photography