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Weston Intermediate School Visual Art

The Weston Intermediate School Visual Arts program is rich, multi-layered and prepares students for a world that will demand their creativity, resilience, and excellence in problem solving skills. Students are encouraged to express their unique and creative ideas, take chances, solve problems independently and collaboratively, and analyze their mistakes while finding ways to turn them into successes. 

In grades 3-5, Weston Intermediate School Students:

• Explore a wide variety of media including paint, pencil, collage, and pastel to create 2 dimensional art works as well as clay, plaster, reed and wire to create 3 dimensional sculptures and forms.

• Explore and apply of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.

• Mix their own colors, shades and tints using variety of media including watercolor, Tempera and acrylic paint, as well as pastel and colored pencil.

• Create fine crafts through manipulation of a wide variety of fibers, materials, and mixed media.

• Refine drawing skills through work on The Human figure, proportion, and perspective.

• Are asked to think critically by analyzing, synthesizing and using critical judgment when discussing historically and culturally important works of art and applying these thoughts to their own work.

• Explore self-expression with a strong emphasis on how artists plan their work, develop ideas and reflect on their own outcomes and how they connect with their lives.

WIS Visual Art Faculty

Cadence Carroll

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