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You’ve had a lot of emails come your way over the past few weeks.  If you’ve not been able to keep up, read this one!  it contains the most important information for the start of school next week, and has many links to important documents that have been shared previously.
We can’t wait to see you on Tuesday and Wednesday!  Enjoy Labor Day weekend, responsibly!
Health and Safety
  • Check your health each morning. Temperature of 100.0 or greater – stay home and call in sick.  Wash your hands before you leave the house.
  • Eat a big breakfast.   No food will be served or can be eaten in school or on the bus.
  • You must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth!  No gaiters, no bandanas, no masks with exhalation valves.  Designatemask break areas are in courtyards and lobby.
  • 6ft social distancing required at all times.
  • You may bring a water bottle, and pull your mask down to take a sip.
  • For everyone’s safety, if you violate health and safety rules you will be sent home and be subject to disciplinary action.
Getting In/out, and Around School
  • Three entrances are open in the morning – main entrance, athletics, and art wing.
  • Before school, during passing times, and after school we are using a one-way system in the hallways.  We have 7-minute passing times.
  • When school ends at 10:46am, all students exit the building through the closest exterior door and walk around the outside of the building to buses and cars.  Masks stay on.
  • You must maintain social distance in bathrooms.  If a bathroom is busy, wait for someone to come out.
  • If you have parental permission to leave on open campus, before you leave the building you must complete this form.  You must have permission from security and exit through main doors.  Masks stay on outside school and in the parking lot.
  • The counseling office will not be open for drop-ins during the school day.   Email your counselor to make an appointment – not during in-person class time.
The Schedule
  • Here is the daily bell schedule.  You attend school every other morning, by cohort.  A-K = Blue, L-Z = Gold.  All students engage in distance learning every afternoon.  This video shows how to translate your PowerSchool schedule to the hybrid bell schedule.
  • Here is the rotation calendar for September.  Every day next week we have a special schedule with a brief advisory in the afternoon.
  • 9th and 10th graders, during free periods in school you are assigned a quiet study in the cafeteria.  If you have a quiet study first block of the day, you may skip it and arrive at 8:30am.  If you have a quiet study last block, you may go home if your parents have called the attendance line.
  • 11th and 12th graders, during any free period, you may go to the library, or sit in the designated areas of the lobby or courtyards.  And you may leave if you have open campus.
  • All teachers are using Canvas this year.  Best way to access is via Classlink.  You may also use the direct link.  Here’s how to set up a Canvas Parent Account.
  • You are expected to bring a device to school every day (Chromebook, laptop, tablet with keyboard).  If you need a Chromebook, email [email protected].
  • Distance learning will be done via Zoom.  Teachers will email you links to your Zoom classes by Monday morning.
 Finally, district communications can be found on the WPS Covid-19 Resources Page, and you can also review this pdf that was sent in mid-August.