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April 7, 2021

Dear WHS Families:

As promised in my February letter, this is an update regarding next steps with our new schedule.  As you are aware, on March 15 Weston High School moved to a full-in schedule dismissing at 12:20 PM. We have monitored this change and are pleased to report that both staff and students are thriving in this new environment, and it feels much more like “normal school” on our campus. The percentage of our Virtual Distance Learners (VDL) has decreased as more students have returned to in-person classes.

Our overarching goal is to provide consistent in-person instruction for as many students as possible with as few quarantines as possible while continuing to enforce mask wearing, social distancing, and hand washing in school.  In order to achieve this goal, our plan is as follows:

  • Maintain our current schedule with a 12:20 PM dismissal through April 30, which is two weeks after April break. This provides us time to assess the impact of spring break travel on local Covid-19 cases and reduce the likelihood of quarantines.
  • Return to a full day schedule with class’s endings at 2:30 PM for all students beginning Monday, May 3.
  • As of April 19, allow students involved in co-curricular activities including athletics and theater to be part of the VDL program and still be allowed to participate for the remainder of the school year.  We strongly recommend that freshmen and sophomores choose to remain in-person, as this structure will better address their academic needs.
  • Remind families that students must remain VDL or in-person for a minimum of 10 school days. They are not permitted to change back and forth on a daily basis. Students that are not feeling well should remain home and not log into classes.
  • Continue to monitor COVID cases, conduct thorough contact tracing, and enact quarantines as necessary (return to school after 10 days, return to athletics after 14 days).
  • Per CDC guidance, fully vaccinated people (students and staff) that remain asymptomatic do not need to quarantine when they are exposed to a positive COVID case.  You are considered fully vaccinated after 2 weeks of receiving the second dose of Moderna or Pfizer vaccines or the one dose of J & J.

It is important that we try to safeguard the social emotional opportunities that we have planned for our students.  They have been isolated for far too long. We will need everyone’s help to be able to have these spring events:

  • To recognize our students at our annual awards ceremonies. To hold rehearsals and produce Company’s spring musical Shrek. This will involve 40 students with the performances June 3 – June 6.
  • To allow clubs to meet in person, which started on March 29.
  • To permit new clubs to organize and hold meetings.
  • To provide our 320 spring athletes with a competitive season.
  • To give the seniors their long-awaited prom under the tents at the Colonnade Room in Danbury on May 14.
  • To host the junior-senior powder puff game that our upperclassmen missed at homecoming.
  • To allow our seniors to end their year with the traditional senior internship beginning May 26. This internship has been modified to include 3 options.
  • To hold our graduation ceremony in-person on the football field on June 17.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to a positive ending to this school year.


Lisa R. Wolak, Principal