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Dear WIS Families,

I hope everyone has been having a good summer.  We are looking forward to welcoming our students back on Tuesday, September 8th. Now that the Board of Education has officially endorsed the Superintendent’s recommendation that the schools will reopen with the Hybrid Early-Dismissal Scenario, I would like to provide you with some details to show what this model will look like at WIS.

All students will be divided into two cohorts based on their last names – students with last names A-K will be in the Blue Cohort, and students with last names L-Z will be in the Gold Cohort.  Students will attend school in-person every other day from 8:15-1:15. On their alternate day, students will work asynchronously and participate in class when appropriate via Zoom links. The first in-person day for elementary students in the Blue Cohort is Tuesday, September 8th, while the first in-person day for students in the Gold Cohort will be Wednesday, September 9th. Both Blue and Gold Cohorts will participate in a Morning Meeting with their classroom teacher on Tuesday, September 8th.  The Blue Cohort will participate in-person, while the Gold Cohort will participate via a Zoom link sent out by the teacher.  While each classroom will have their own individual schedule, I have attached an example of what a schedule could look like.

We know this school year will look very different than in past years, and our goal in the next few weeks is to answer all your questions about the reopening of school. As we work through the many new details of opening this year, we will continue to be sending you more information via email and video. I also encourage you to please take some time to look at the Covid-19 resources section on the district website as there is a lot of information posted there.  

Please know that whether you choose in person instruction or voluntary distance learning for your child, we will work with you to make sure this is a valuable and enriching year.

Attached please find the following information:

  • A sample schedule of a grade-level classroom.
  • The September calendar identifying the blue and gold cohort days for the month.

More information will be coming soon about supplies, our Meet the Teacher events and the Back to School Nights.

Please enjoy these next few weeks of summer vacation!

Warm regards,

Pattie Falber



Attached Files

WIS Hybrid Early Dismissal Sample Schedule.pdf.docx

WIS Hybrid Blue_Gold Days.pdf.docx